Redwell Infrared heaters

Up to 70% more energy-efficient than conventional heaters!

Redwell is the world's leading brand of Infrared Heaters. In the UK, all Infrared "Comfort heating" standards use Redwell performance as the benchmark. And in the UK we are the leading supplier!

Infrared heaters are the future of domestic and commercial "Comfort" heating. When correctly fitted by an approved installer and making effective use of control systems, these amazing heaters can deliver energy savings up to 70% over traditional heating systems. Our ready reckoner shows you how!

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90 Month Guarantee

Top quality manufacture

Redwell heaters are renowned as the market leaders as the panels they produce are not only of unparalleled quality, but also have the widest range of sizes and functions available on the market today.

There is, of course a price difference between Redwell and "value" brands, but this falls away when one considers the limited available sizes of value brands often implies you need two value heaters where one larger Redwell will suffice at less cost. And "Wow!" factor simply isn't available from the cheaper brands.

Other Benefits

Infrared prevents condensation - which traditional forms of heating actively encourage. It prevents dust and allergen circulation because it doesn't convect and its application in saunas and certain medical therapies underlines its health-giving properties. This makes it ideal for home and commercial use, as well as in public buildings and health-related locations (e.g. hospitals & gyms).

There are no ongoing service or maintenance costs once your panel is fitted because there are no moving parts. We issue a warranty of 90 months on all infra red heaters (except Discus) and our products are TÜV, GS, CE, CSA (Canada and USA) and IGEF certified and are subject to the ecological materials test of the GSF. However, no Redwell panel has yet failed since manufacture began in 2000. They require no additional equipment: flues, fuel storage, pipes, like traditional oil and gas heaters do.

How do Far Infrared Heaters work?

An Introduction to Far Infrared Heating (excerpt)

Click here for our free video excerpt of our latest "Far Infrared Training Course" which summarises the key points of "How Far Infrared Heaters work".

To see the whole training course, please access "An Introduction to Infrared Heating" on our Training Portal which we recommend for dealers and prospective customers. Your energy savings will more than recoup the small investment in time and money researching this modern technology properly.

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Support for Trade

We strongly advise panels are fitted by an accredited installer. We are always on the lookout for agents to help sell and install these energy-efficient products and we support them with a comprehensive online accreditation and continuing professional development programme - the only one of its kind in the business.

We also have a nationwide network of distributors. Contact Us to be put in touch with the distributor nearest you!